Top 100 My favorite Movies of All time

Anh Tu Nguyen

La Collectionneuse (Eric Rohmer, 1966) La Collectionneuse (Eric Rohmer, 1966)

– Making this list was not an easy process at all, because there are so many directors whose work i love and adore deep to the bone. These 100 films are not necessarily the best films in my opinion, but they are films which touched me and provoked my emotional feelings the most. Do me a favor and go check out my directors’s list Here, here and here for a better understanding of my taste.
– Despite the temptation of throwing in the whole lifetime filmography of my favorite directors’ (like Kurosawa, Bergman, Wenders…), i would like to keep this list from a wide-angle lens as much as possible, hence only one film per director.
– This is a personal list, and cinema is strictly subjective – so spare us dicussions such as “Why the hell is this film even on this list?”…

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