TIME Picks the Top 10 Photos of 2014


There are more people than ever on Earth, but never have we been this connected with each other. Photography plays a large role, with the still image continuing to hold extraordinary power, bypassing borders and languages and cultures, to inform and educate us. Its success is its impact, altering our actions or thoughts merely because it exists. It’s our proof. And technology has kept pace.

Each photograph selected for TIME’s Top 10 photos of 2014, carefully culled from thousands, takes us into a dramatic scene that provides an important visual record of history. As these images came through our news-gathering operation over the course of the year, they not only astounded us, but they also moved us.

The audience for photography has grown exponentially thanks to the Internet and smartphones, and the demand to see what just happened has never been higher. Pictures travel at a lightning speed across these…

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